Samir Kripalani is arguably the most famous audio professional in the country. After pursuing a Master’s degree in Economics, Samir attended the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Tempe, Arizona, and then interned at Merlin Studios in New York City before returning home. He found Room Tone in 2001 and has been running it successfully for the last 19 years.

Samir worked as a DJ for five years before going to Arizona to study studio recording. Since 2000, he has been touring the world with famous indie band Indian Ocean, handling all the engineering positions- system engineer, monitors and front of house. Samir has been associated with another indie band called Midival Punditz. He’s also worked closely with music producer Karsh Kale, Bollywood composers Salim-Sulaiman and PAPON. Other than this, Samir has worked on music festivals like NH7 Weekender, SAARCbands, GIR, Jazz Utsav to name a few.

Samir believes India has a big challenge in the form of a lot of the workforce being unskilled and aims to help build a more skilled workforce and spend time training people to enter the industry.

When he’s not touring, Samir is usually busy running Room Tone, his audio and video installation company. Room Tone does installations for bars, clubs, restaurants, high-end residential properties, networked audio and audio distribution.