Shri Vijay Poddar

Shri Vijay, or Vijaybhai as everyone addresses him, is the Chairperson of SACAC. Vijaybhai had his entire education at the Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education at Puducherry. After finishing his studies, he joined the Ashram.

He is ‘Member Executive – Administration and Finance’ of Sri Aurobindo Society, an international not for profit institution, working throughout the world for individual perfection, social transformation, and human unity based on a deeper spiritual foundation.

He helps in the co-ordination of several projects of the Society including education, rural development, sustainable development and renewable energy, health, leadership and management, youth, Indian culture, media, films and television. He keeps interacting with people from all over the world – students, teachers, educationists, executives, scientists, seekers & aspirants of Truth, sharing with them his insights on life, based on the vision of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.