Located in the heart of south Delhi, SACAC campus is bound to soothe your mind and soak you in an atmosphere of peace. The 2.5-acre campus is situated well within the city and yet is far removed from the hustle and cacophony of Delhi. The lush green lawns and the haven of calm are perfect to get those creative juices flowing.

SACAC campus is fully-equipped for all the courses we offer in the fields of arts and communication. The lush green foliage with landscaped gardens within the campus are unique to SACAC. We have equipped studio facilities for photography, filmmaking and audio engineering with recording and editing suites. Each studio and suite has the latest state-of-the-art equipment. All our classrooms are audio-visually equipped as well as acoustically treated.

To top it all, like a cherry on the cake, we have an in-house open and inviting cafeteria, Café Lotus, where freshly made delicious food is served at nominal prices. The café is vegetarian and is open to students, faculty and visitors.

Rounding it up, SACAC is a warm and welcoming place, which for most of its students becomes almost like a second home. A refuge from the big, bad world outside. Even our alumni love to visit and do not feel like