Integrated Marketing Communications of Paper Boat

Integrated Marketing Communications is a culmination of a brand’s traditional as well as modern communication strategies. It is how a brand cohesively designs it’s marketing techniques to produce the “wow” effect. All strategies of a brand shall exist in harmony so as to manufacture a sense of recall amongst its target audience.

Let’s see how Hector Beverages Private limited- PaperBoat is building its brand story with the help of integrated marketing communication. Let’s understand the essence of its communication, by studying what the brand is all about.

What is PaperBoat?

PaperBoat was started by 4 friends Suhas Misra, James Nuttall, Neeraj Biyani and Neeraj Kakkar in 2011 as Hector Beverages in Gurgaon. After the plethora of Healthy drinks and unique flavors,they grasped the opportunity in the need-gap spectrum.

PaperBoat is known for its line of traditional Indian drinks and juices. It has sparked an emotional connect with it’s target audience and created a sense of belonging with it’s story-telling content. It’s content revolves around nostalgia and simplicity, thus prompting memories of childhood amongst the crowd.

Traditional Marketing

Although the campaign targets people from the age of 20-40 years, but those of us who have grown up sipping aamras in our childhoods, definitely have a sense of sentimentality towards the brand.

Television Commercials (TVC)

A series of TVC’s ran on the launch of the drink, to ignite feelings of childhood and reminiscence. One such advert that was used to spark these emotions is as follows:

Print AD

From magazines to newspapers, PaperBoat ran across all channels to create buzz but not once did it waver away from its tonality. It never betrayed it’s imagery and always stayed true to it’s identity of unique yet familiar.


They didn’t leave any channel of traditional medium, not even OOH Ad’s like the following:

Digital Marketing

While one can’t argue the importance of Traditional Media, we should definitely understand how in the world of marketing- Digital platforms have become a quintessential part.


First Things First, let’s see how they took their league forward on Youtube:

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With 265,210 followers and 266,344 likes on Facebook, Paperboat has created it’s own fan base on the digital spectrum. From engaging content to attractive rewards, Paperboat has come up with a lot of exciting ways to entice its target audience.


With a decent amount of tweets to its name, Paper Boat definitely knows how to storm twitter- by engaging the audience to manufacture User Generated Content (UGC).

Final Take

While PaperBoat definitely has it’s target audience in place, it keeps them entertained with heartwarming, emotion-sparking communications. They touch the right chords and know exactly which ones to strike, with nostalgia driving commercials and an omnipresent digital existence.

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