“Läinud on jäänud”: A Documentary About Setos

Since 2015, CDC alumnus Varun Trikha has been trying to discover what does it really mean to be a Seto. Setos are an ethnic minority at the Estonia-Russia border. But what lies at the heart of the Seto identity beyond its geo-political existence and mainstream cultural representations?
Läinud on Jäänud is a story of three Seto individuals who in their own unique circumstances juggle between the exigencies of modernity and deep echoes of a cultural past. Stuck between these two competing worlds, they find a middle ground in their dreams through which they understand and express their innermost feelings and fears.

Varun and the people from Setomaa need production support from the national and international film institutions, for which, they need to bring Varun Trikha back to Setomaa to create a long and high-quality trailer of the film for commissioning editors.

To contribute and for more details please visit: http://www.hooandja.ee/en/projekt/lainud-jaanud#tab-1-tab