Location Film List and Synopses 2018-19


Hafte Ke Paanch Din (10 min)
by Himon Rai Chowdhury and Neelansh Mittra

The film attempts to discover a forgotten part of the city- Chanakyapuri Railway Station. Established in 1975, the suburban rail network is spread in the heart of Delhi. Unseen, the local trains move through the underbelly of the capital. On a cold, winter morning, a few men come together to make themselves a fire. The booking office has remained shut for several years now and has become an old man's abode. A lone passenger train visits the station but is never on time. Many get off, and the train soon disappears away from the bend.

Illaqa (10 min)
by Aadya Pandey and Chinmoy Jyoti Sonowal

Set in a Muslim migrant settlement, the film records the everyday life of the Zakir Nagar market, on its busiest street. The street is vibrant with people who have come from different parts of the country and have made this place their home. There are shops selling a variety of food that the place is known for. Talib ke Kabab is one such shop that the film observes. In occasional conversations with people, questions come up around how a colony like Zakir Nagar comes into being and what kind of problems it faces.

Gali Sui Wali, Ram Bazaar (9 min)
by Grace Mary Sukanya and Megha Acharya

Ram Bazaar is an erstwhile residential complex in Mori Gate, Old Delhi. Just like other parts of Old Delhi, Ram Bazaar too is changing in nature. Since the 1990s, the Kashmere Gate motor market has expanded into the area, leading to large-scale out-migration of residents. As the area becomes more congested and commercialized, and the houses turn into shops and godowns, some of the last residents left in the area continue to live in Sui Wali Gali, one of the many narrow winding lanes in the neighbourhood. The film is the story of one such family, trying hard to hold onto a past that is slipping out of their hands with ever greater momentum.

Teesri Khwaish (10 min)
by Purandhya Sharma, Rustam Mazumdar and Shuchi Prasad

Whether the fog settles on the tracks tonight or not, a cloud of enigma consumes New Delhi Railway Station. Whether the train arrives at platform number 5 or not, we are promised a journey. What happens to the passengers who fall victim to the menacing station, who rely partly on the bookseller and entirely upon fate to reach home safely? Will a third wish be granted? These stories are absurd and precarious in their unfolding, unimaginable yet common, and thus those at the station inevitably become puppets at the hands of God.

The Crow, the Swan, the Snake (11 min)
by Debankon Singh Solanky

In Ayurveda the mind, body and consciousness is understood as a whole. It looks at the human body as a semblance of codes. The balance of the 3 fundamental energies – Wind-Fire-Earth, is responsible for the characteristics of our body. Nadipariksha (Pulse examination) is the first & most important diagnostic technique used. Movement of the pulse is referred to as “the Crow, the Swan & the Snake”. The film captures the subjective experience of an old clinic located in Delhi. It explores the environment and the spirit of this place- the relationship between the “giver” and the “taker” and the faith that binds them.