Location Film List and Synopses 2013-14


Dhyaan Dein / Attention Please (14 min)
by Ranvir Vohra & Satendra Singh

Actuality and perception of actuality are two different, but equally valid realities. What’s ordinary might suddenly seem bizarre and what’s bizarre might emerge from something extremely ordinary. The film juggles between these two realities while trying to blur the lines that separate them in an attempt to understand them both better.

We Came Walking (10 min)
by Humaira Bilkis

Dhobis or washermen and women believe that they are born to wash, according to the Goddess’ curse. They don’t remember exactly when they came to the city, yet are very much part of its living history. The flow of water contains many stories, and this very short film is a journey to discover rhythms, hidden and visible.

Ruh (12 min)
by Rachita Singh Fogat & Radhika Fatania

What comes to mind when the Hauz Khas Village comes up in a conversation? A prime hangout spot, for a significant section of the capital’s youth. Designer stores, continental food cafes and one of the city’s most happening clubs. But what lies behind these walls that sprung up only a few years ago? What are the secrets this village holds? Lets try and find out.

B -22 (9 min)
by Akshika Chandna & Shilpi Saluja

The film attempts to look at the experience of living in Budh Vihar, Munirka. Issues around water, caste, class and violence emerge as Manju, a spirited young woman shares her views and takes us on a tour of the locality.

Khala ke Yahan / At Khala’s (13 min)
by Varhun Trikha & Varun Ajrawat

The film is about space and counter space, place and displacement, time and timelessness, domesticity and seclusion, and words and wordlessness. Khala, an immigrant from Bangladesh, runs a tea shop which in the dead of night remodels itself into a domicile for Khala and her seven sons. This ‘home’ breathes in the ancient city of Mehrauli in Delhi and shares its walls with Disco Baba shrine (with homed drifters and promises of the other world) and the secretive step well of sulphur which hides within its depths and timelessness, the unreality of its surroundings.