Location Film List and Synopses 2016-17


Waiting for the Flood/Sailaab Ka Intezaar (12 min)
by Abhinava Bhattacharyya and Mallika Visvanathan

Is driven by a longing for water. Journeying across a nallah, a baoli and a dried-up hauz in Delhi; the film is an attempt to explore the experience of time through memory, history and absence.

Looking Through The Fence (11 min)
by Akanksha Gupta and Vasuki Chandak

The film is centered around a common gate shared between two colonies. It explores a rather relatable ordinariness that exists around it. However as the stories about this gate unfold the question about what is ordinary and what is not becomes debatable.

Home Ground (11 min)
by Arunima Tenzin Tara and Sushil Kumar Pandey

Looks at shrinking playgrounds. A film inspired by the love of cricket, it looks at memories to understand the changing landscape of a place.

Adda Diaries (12 min)
by Anuradha Bansal and Aparna Bansal

Explores the personal accounts of regular visitors of Indian Coffee House in the heart of Delhi. The journey of its existence runs parallel to tragic history of 1975. The film unfolds the unique story of this place.

Window's Hole (9 min)
by Aviva Dharmaraj and Gagan Singh

Set inside a pre-primary school in south Delhi, the film is an attempt to explore the ideas of freedom and creativity through the imagination of a child. How do children negotiate a world that they are still being taught to fit into?​