Music Talks – Rali Margalit and Shivangini Yeashu Yuvraj at SACAC

An evening of great pride to host the famous cellist Rali Margalit along with Shivangini Yeashu Yuvraj for everyone at SACAC. A few hours well spent in conversation with Rali Margalit on music, history, poetry, life.
Cellist and composer Rali Margalit demonstrated the ties between her biography as someone of Jewish origin brought up in a socialistic Kibbutz in Israel, where music took part in forming the Ideals of the new Israeli society and her own musical way, a way highly influenced by different forms of art!

An insight into the Cross-culture collaboration between Rali and Delhi based vocalist & teacher – Shivangini Yeashu Yuvraj, in Rali’s work, formed an important part of the evening.

Rali played the Chelhu, a one-of-a-kind ethnic Cello in the world. Shivangini is a vocalist and added her beautiful voice and vibrant presence to the evening.

Rali Margalit – A Music that Tells a Story
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Cellist and composer Rali Margalit, a graduate of the prestigious Rubin Academy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem, started her way in music as a classical cellist. However, her curiosity and open mind led her to experiment with and play almost every style of music to be found in her native homeland, Israel. She performed in Israel and overseas with the best musicians in the field of Persian, Kurdish, Gypsy, Arab, Flamenco, Kleizmer and Ladino music.

Having travelled the rich and winding paths of these various musical worlds, carrying valuable gifts and mementos from each of them, Rali strives to create her own special artistic language, merging all the musical worlds, and blending them with powerful literary texts, to tell a unique and compelling story.

Key milestones in Rali’s musical journey include:

2005 – Release of the CD album 5 works, featuring five original pieces highlighting Rali’s classical background, was received with great enthusiasm by musicians and dancers around the world, as well as by Israel’s leading classical music radio station, and is now considered a collectors’ item for music connoisseurs.

2006 – Launch of 5 works plus, a live performance based on her CD music, with 8 musicians and an actress.

2007 – Launch of Castles in the Sand, together with 3 of Israeli leading ethnic musicians, a performance of her music that runs in Israel and abroad. Castel in the sand was the special performance chosen for performance at the Kaunas Synagogue during the Kaunas Jazz Festival 2009, viewed by hundreds of Lithuanians.

2008 – Commissioned by the HaBima National Theatre for the prestigious Israel Festival, to compose and perform the music of OV (Spirit), a dance production of Ansky’s renowned play “The Dybbuk – Between Two World”, by Renana Raz and Ofer Amram invited.

2009 – Performing as a soloist with the Ra’anana Symphonet orchestra, a suit made of her compositions named Three from here.

2010 – Releasing her latest album Soosim {Horses} via Magda Records Company of the Third eye group. The CD hailed as a masterpiece by music critics, radio shows’ hosts and the public at large. The scope of the album’s impact was broad and diverse; one of the two songs in it became an Israeli circle folk dance, and musical pieces from that Album found their ways to sound tracks of films produced in Germany, Brazil and England.

Later that year, Margalit was commissioned to compose the music to Sod Ha’yihud, a dance work inspired by texts from the kabala book of Zohar. Chorography by Smadar Emor . The work premiered on October 2010 at the Prayer in Movementfestival. The music was composed to be performed by the dancers live on stage as they move and involves use of bodily sounds, shouts and whispers.

2011 – Awarded a special grant by the Israeli Union of Composers and Authors and Commissioned by the Avi Chai Foundation to compose music to the lyrics of the poetess Rivka Miriam. Margalit, togethet with her artistic partner, the actor –singer –director Baruch Brener, created the show Nogea Bemah She’einenu {Touching the Absence} that premiered.

With these impressive achievements in her backpack, and many more creative roads to travel, Rali is working on arranging the music of Soosim for the Ashdod Andalusian Orchestra, who invited her and her ensemble as guest artist for the 2011-2012 season.

Shivangini Yeashu Yuvraj

Shivangini is a versatile vocalist charting her journey of expression in what can be called as a confluence of 3 styles – Folk (from Uttar Pradesh), Classical (Hindustani) and Contemporary (Western). She is a vocal coach based in Gurgaon and one half of the The Better Half Production – a music lab founded by her husband Yeashu and herself. She has been part of a host of projects as singer, programme manager, facilitator and composer across a diverse musical styles such as acappella, Poorab Ang Gayaki, Gurbaani – spiritual music of the Guru Granth Sahib & music for & by children.

Shivangini holds an LRSL – ‘Licentiate in Performance’ from RSL Awards and a Masters in Hindustani classical vocals. Innately influenced by her hometown, Kanpur – a city with a blend of earthy yet urban lifestyle and juxtaposed with her life now in cosmopolitan NCR, Shivangini is nostalgically drawn to the evergreen freshness in the music of the ‘folk’- based on lives and traditions of the people, thereby re-claiming her roots and reliving many a lived experiences of a collective. Being a student of Late Guru Padmavibhushan Girija Devi who was synonymous to the music of the ‘Poorab’ (Uttar Pradesh), Shivangini soaked in the essence of the traditional music of her land.

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