Photography Graduation Show 2015-16

The graduate exhibition brings together the works of seventeen young
photographers and is a culmination of their year long journey as students of photography at SACAC.

Each one of them has spent three to four months working on a project idea that they feel an affinity towards. Each has laboured to realise her/his vision to nurture ideas into cohesive photo essays and their efforts reveal a nuanced sensitivity to interpreting these in a visual manner. The resultant work is quite diverse – some projects are deeply personal, while others offer a point of entry into the lives and struggles of others.

It is also interesting to see the paths their projects have taken. And why
and how they have used different mediums in an attempt to find their
own language. Along with digital pigment prints on display, Cyanotype, an alternative process has also been used. They have experimented with sound and text interestingly to express; made installations and projections and have created artist books and journals.

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