Photography Residency Program

Every year during the month of January, photography students from Sri Aurobindo Center for Arts and Communication (SACAC) are expected to travel to Pondicherry and undertake a workshop under the guidance of photographer Sebastian Cortes. Away from the frenzied rush of Delhi, Pondicherry serves as a totally different environment; a unique space and opportunity for student photographers to actually slow down, introspect and understand their photography.

Sebastian Cortes is a photographer who is fascinated by spaces; exterior or interiors and during the 15 day photography course workshop, he spends valuable time interacting with students, inspiring and critiquing their photography. In the end, all the students are expected to make photographs; interpreting space in their own unique way and come up with a short story. As it is, with most of the student photographers at SACAC; it is often the turning point, in terms of their craft and understanding of photography.

Sebastian taught me to look at spaces and with his irresistible character and positivity; he instilled a sense of confidence in me too. He taught me the importance of using a tripod and how we could use it effectively. He taught me to look at the corners of a photograph, and how the corners could be used to visually make the subject in the frame more distinct. During those 15 days at Pondicherry, I would often take a bicycle and go out to shoot; knocking door to door of strangers in the colony for a photograph. Before that, I never thought I was capable of doing such a thing. The workshop made me fall in love with the photographic process

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