Pondicherry Annual Study Tour

The annual trip to Pondicherry that SACAC conducts was slated for January. With 60 students of the three batches (IMC, Audio and Photography) to accommodate, the trip was heavily anticipated by one and all, and promised to be one that

The students were provided accommodation in the International Guest House (IGH) of the Aurobindo Society for the duration of their stay, and in sync with their level of enthusiasm were housed in top two floors of the establishment.

A 5-minute walk from the beach, the Guest house was located in White Town part of Pondicherry very close to the French Quarters. Most of the travelling was done on foot, and two-wheelers were available on hire, for whoever chose to take the latter. The college organized a day-trip to Auroville as part of the itinerary, and it was quite a wonderful experience to have witnessed the spiritual side of Pondicherry, that it has always been known for.

Being a sea-side location, life in Pondicherry also ebbed and flowed like the waters. The pace of life was slower than the mad rush of the big cities, and finally the students felt like they could take a breath that would last them more than a second. All batches had a pre-defined module to work on during their trip to Pondicherry.

The students of Advertising and PR course had the opportunity to work with Hidesign, an Indian, Pondicherry- based hand-made leather manufacturer. The brand known mostly for its premium quality leather bags, has made itself a niche brand in the market in India and overseas. The students were given the chance to work on a communication-oriented project for Hidesign

The Photography students covered the life and architecture of Pondicherry under the guidance of Mr. Sebastian Cortez. and had the opportunity to immerse themselves with the rural community around Pondicherry over the course of their trip.

The Audio Engineering students were taken to Pondicherry for one module of the course which comprises of Location Sound and Sound Design for Videos, and to closely understand the ideas and technical aspects of what goes on behind the scenes. They worked with International grade movie recording equipment, and were mentored under Mr. Anand Krisnamoorthy and Mr. Kishnan. Furthermore, they had the enriching experience of fashioning musical instruments from readily-available objects at Svaram, in Auroville. Svaram an innovative platform located in the Auroville that houses a vibrant environment for the art and science of Musical Instrument Crafts, bringing together the rich heritage of the Indian tradition with the accomplishments of academic musicological research, technical know-how and contemporary design.

In conclusion, the trip to Pondicherry came as a welcome break to both students and the faculty, that were lucky enough to have come. It was truly a memorable trip that will stay in the minds of many, and for many years to come.

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