Akshai Biloniya

Akshai Biloniya

Project Description

Talking of my life, yes, it’s going smooth. I am evolving day by day. As a human being and music professional both combined. I will take you through my timeline to explain everything & yeah, it will help me in analyzing my past as well.

So, let’s go through my life before SACAC.
I used to play the guitar in my room, alone, teach music to kids and played a few gigs.

The year 2014
My professional musical journey started in this year ( at least in my mind I always saw myself as a pro). After spending so much time alone with my guitar for a fairly long time, I joined a local studio, started working as a session musician there. Saw apple desktop for the first time in my life, colourful UI of logic pro and I was like, yeah, I want to do this for real.
My interest in the technical side of music hit me hard and I asked the studio owner if I could join him. And that’s it. Very soon I started recording the clients, learnt the basics of recording and got a good command over the software.

Same life. Got one more studio to work with. Did voice-overs, jingles, cover songs, originals and etc. Work was going fine but I was not satisfied with what I was doing. My creative brain wanted some real juice. All the work that I was doing was not giving me scope to get experimental or try something new.

I wanted to break my comfort zone. So I decided to go for FTII entrance exam. By God’s grace, I got a call for an interview from FTII. Oh my-my, I was very happy. After all, I got a chance to visit one of the best institutes of filmmaking in our country. unfortunately, I couldn’t make it. It made me very sad. It took days to reassemble myself and start where I left off.

But this time I didn’t want to go back to my old life, I learnt a lot during my orientation at FTII and realised that I need people who know more than me to grow in life plus I was also missing formal learning of audio. I didn’t want to become just a software operator, I wanted to pursue what was in my head and make it possible using less time with maximum efficiency. My creative head wanted to burst out.

This is when I started looking for institutes I can join but only in Delhi because it was not possible for me to sacrifice my work contacts in my hometown. I decided that I will keep travelling from Delhi to Jaipur if needed.

Why I chose SACAC.
Like I said I was looking for a proper learning, true mentors and a healthy environment my soul can feed on. I browsed the internet and landed on SACAC website. I did my own research on the mentors and curriculum etc. and decided to attend the entrance exam. And after meeting you in the cabin I got the true sense of this place. A positive wave hit me hard that I decided to join this place in one instant. The campus was full of energy in this busy city. I took a deep breath in the canteen after meeting you for the first time.

My experience at SACAC
I live with an experience of a lifetime and learning that going to stay with me forever. Either as a professional or a person, things changed a lot while I was there in SACAC.

Yes, I was working as a producer in a studio earlier but without a vision. I was a software operator who did nothing new but clicked buttons only. I came to SACAC and before creating something new, I learnt to listen properly. My brain began to observe the thought behind a track. And it’s very important because I think I can’t create anything new (a good one actually) if I can’t listen what’s good in previously produced soundtracks those hit charts. After all, as a producer, you follow your inspirations, the tracks you listen to most, the genre and the artist you follow. It becomes important that you train yourself enough that you can decipher the various parts of a track those are composition, selection of instruments, voice, mixing. And for that, you need mentors like Chayan, Krishna, Ujjwal, Anindo Bose, Abhishek Mathur and above all Gaurav Chintamani ( To describe this man, I need to send you a separate mail).

All the pieces of my jigsaw puzzles were coming out of their leanings. I got what was missing in me. It improved my production no doubt, but as I said earlier, I started listening crucially. My way of producing music changed in a way that now I could design the whole production in my head like a blueprint. It will take a day or two to properly describe each of my mentors but I will say that today I am able to think and implement what’s in my head. My brain never lets me and my client down. All thanks to my mentors at SACAC.

Now, I come from a small city (It was small when I was small). Moving to Delhi, alone, leaving your previous job was quite scary. I am Mount Everest of shyness and introvert personality. I speak less and spent most of the time in my life with people of the same kind. And then I met you. Sitting in your cabin and having a conversation with you was never less than a rollercoaster ride for a person like me. You literally talked about real life issues and insecurities. I was going through a difficult phase at that time, I moved from Jaipur, left my job, surviving on savings. Having a conversation with you always boosted me up. It was needed because all you need are friends in a new city not just a bunch of people you have to produce music with.

If I describe SACAC in one line than I have to say that ‘SACAC is more than just an institute, It felt like new home in a strange city. All those workshops from different people from different countries added their bits and shaped my personality. I came out as an improved person of myself in the end. Confident, More productive, More creative, More balanced.

Still, I have a long road to go, but I have come so far where I started from after SACAC. I am working as a freelancer with various studios in my hometown. Finally, I have my own home studio as well. I tried live sound but I found out that it isn’t my cup of tea, I will stick to the studio for now.

I have a pretty decent client base now in my city. My this year’s biggest achievement is winning ‘The Global youth song competition’ conducted by Govt. of India for which I wrote the lyrics and sung it also. After winning I performed my song at Vigyan Bhawan during Partners’ Forum in front of 1200 people from 90 different countries. It’s subjective but receiving a personal invitation from the Union Minister of Health & Family Welfare Sh. Jagat Prakash Nadda was not an ordinary feeling for me. For me, 2018 ended quite well. I am open to much more in 2019. I hope I make a name for myself and get some more paid work but no exposure from out of my hometown. Keeping music as my primary occupation, I am putting my interest in some new things as well, that’s for my personal interest and extra income both.

Through this mail, I have tried to express myself as much as I can. If I miss anything please let me know. It was an amazing experience at SACAC with my mentors, my batchmates and you as well.