Raikom Terang

Raikom Terang

Project Description

Before SACAC, I was working as the Asst. Store Manager at the Lajpat branch of Furtados Music, along with playing with my band on the side. The job was full-time so it meant that I couldn’t find much time for playing/making/recording music. I wanted to do more with my band’s music and I had dabbled in recording earlier, so I thought why not quit Furtados, properly learn audio engineering, and set myself up so that I can be in the music business for good. So I quit my job and on recommendation from a few friends and the internet, joined SACAC.

Right now, I got done finishing the initial setup of my small studio here at home in Assam a couple of months back. Since then I’ve been busy mixing my band’s album (which released a couple of weeks back). I’ve already got a couple of clients here even though I have not even named my studio yet.

Before SACAC, staying in the music business seemed more daunting as I had no clear-cut skills in the industry. Sure, I played some music and had basic recording knowledge but that didnt mean anything. At SACAC, meeting and learning from people in the industry was invaluable. Also, personally, it gave me new-found motivation to continue working in music as I had lost quite a bit of it while working in Furtados.

As for the future, I’m looking forward to growing my studio business. I have plans for a full-fledged audio-visual production house in collaboration with my brother. But that’s for somewhere later in the timeline. For now, I’m focused on building a client base here.