Saptak Chattopadhyay

Saptak Chattopadhyay

Project Description

Before SACAC I was a Classical Vocalist, with just a little knowledge about what sound is, how its works, its technicalities and the various parameters which makes it better or worse as perceived by a listener. SACAC really gave me a fresh view, a fresh sonic perspective on everything that I heard, sang and created. I was thinking a lot more, trying to explore a lot more, critiquing my work a lot more, and collaborating a lot more. A lot of the untapped potential in me was being used thanks to the methods of pedagogy that the faculty members apply.

They not only help us exploring ourselves and our talents better but also how we can learn from each other in the most effective and efficient way. Taking the best of whatever we hear, and tweaking that to make it our signature.

SACAC has instilled a sense of confidence in me. Everything I do now feels a lot easier in terms of workflow and it feels like I’m more in control of what I’m thinking about and creating.

I am a professional classical vocalist, pop and rock singer, producer and composer now! I am actively composing jingles for companies and NGOs, collaborating with various artists from diverse genres, released my debut album a few months back, have sung for the first film of my career, (please keep it to yourself for now 🙂 )!

Yes, the growth has been quite exponential. Ideas flow a lot more easily inside my head now. And that is a result of both the technical aspects of what we were taught as well as the confidence and command over our creativity that was instilled in us. Growth has been in all areas. Work, personal communication and interaction, how to work ethically yet be clever wherever needed and how to stay happy and not get affected by external factors.

I will very soon be focussing on the commercial/playback/Hindi film industry as a Vocalist first then a composer. Hindustani Classical will always be a key area of work for me and I have now very actively started working for companies and NGOs on jingle and voice over projects!