Following no rules of boundaries,
I watched shapes mold into one another.
As thoughts took off into the seamless horizon,
floating landscapes merged in my head, creating new expanses.
Speaking to its shadows, reaching out to the sky,
paralyzed in the moment of mirroring each other,
the spaces began to reflect.

SURFACE is a collection of photographs creating new spaces with fragments of existing spaces. Each photograph consists of two separate photos that have been simply joined together and contained in a larger frame to form a new whole. This is to look at how these two completely different forms engage and imitate each other assembling into unfamiliar landscapes.

The gravity with which they interlock and harmonize creates a new world of shapes and structure. The birds are essential as they break away from the definite or the concrete into the vastness to emphasize the expanse. These spaces correlate to pieces that I collect within me. Joining together these pieces brings to surface me as a whole.