The End

Kritika Sharma is an Indian writer and electronic engineer based in Noida. Writing has been her loyal companion from the age of 16. She shares all her joys, sorrows and anxieties with words. Her writing gets enriched, she says, with warmth, raw emotions and simple truths which are imbibed deep in our systems. Her ambition is to make readers partake in a liberating journey through her stories and poems. About the book: This book has eight stories which bare up human insecurities. All the stories end at a starting point. “The End” is a book which defies the conventional definitions of the finish line. The last line of each story in this book marks the beginning of a revolt, revenge, love, peace, resurrection, trust, dreaming and the beginning of an End. The characters in each of these eight stories brave through difficult circumstances and prepare to face a new dawn.

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