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Entry requirements

Course Name

Intensive Foundation Course in Photography


5 Weekends


16+ Years of Age

Course Highlights

AC studio space for studio lighting practice
Fully equipped photographic studio

Course overview

Photography is the most popular medium to capture life as it goes by. Travelling, meeting old and new friends, important events and tender moments-memories like these deserve to be captured for posterity. The Photography Foundation Course at SACAC, Delhi introduces the exciting world of photography to those who have the passion for it. The challenge of taking a good photograph is not just being present at the opportune moment; it’s also about the technical ability and knowledge to create an aesthetically evocative composition…

Course Overview

Photography is one of the most popular, easily accessible and yet powerful mediums for documenting today’s time for posterity or even communicating as well as expressing. However, with dramatic shifts in socio-political environments across the globe, the audience’s sensibilities are also shifting. This calls for an urgent need for a shift in our communication mediums including visual communications.

Today, everyone with a smartphone is a photographer and even a citizen journalist. In such times, are techniques alone adequate, or do we need a deeper understanding of the visual language to help you distinguish your style from most others?

The five weekends digital still photography course at SACAC will introduce you to the technical aspects of photography through a structured programme that will build your knowledge and skills from the elementary level onwards. It will also introduce you to the nuances of the visual language, it’s grammar through simply illustrated lectures, which will eventually help you strengthen your photographic skills.

Who is it for?

Beginners, hobbyists and working professionals who do not have the time to commit to a full time Photography course, yet are deeply passionate, serious and sincere enough to pursue an alternative creative medium or career over the weekends. Also, ideal for people with a creative genius within them and searching for ways to creatively express. If you’re busy through the week but continue to dream of a creative and adventurous life, this could be an ideal starting point without rocking your apple cart. This foundation course is a perfect stepping stone towards building a serious career in photography. Several of our long-term documentary photography students have come from this foundation course.


Weekend 1

  • Photography as Light-writing
  • Essentials of Camera-work( Aperture, Viewfinder, Focussing, shutter release)
  • Kinds of Cameras( Analog/Digital, SLRs/Mirrorless, Small/Medium Format)
  • Aperture (F-stops)
  • Modes( M, A , S, P)
  • Depth of Field : Blurring the non-focussed areas(Working in Aperture prioritymode)
  • Essential Camera Functions( Drive, Image formats/ quality and Pictureprofiles)
  • Shutter Speed
  • Shooting motion (Freezing motion/ introducing motion blur in Shutter Prioritymode)
  • Panning (demonstration)
  • Exposure Compensation (Overriding camera’s automation)
  • Demonstrations and Exercises

Weekend 2

  • ISO (Sensitivity as the third and last parameter for controlling the exposure)
  • Exposure
  • Exposure meter scale and Histogram
  • Exposure Triangle
  • Benefits of Mirror-less for exposure preview
  • Focussing Modes (Area and others)
  • Focussing technologies for dynamic objects
  • Shooting in Manual Mode for complete control
  • Creative Composition
  • Color Temperature and White Balance
  • Demonstrations and Exercises

Weekend 3

  • Fundamentals of Lensing : Focal lengths, Primes Vs Zooms, Angle of View
  • Perspective matters
  • Demonstrations and Exercises
  • Field Trip

Weekend 4

  • Review of Images
  • Camera Stabilisation
  • Current and Future trends and technologies in image-making
  • Story-Telling through images (Conceptual frame-work, mood-boarding)
  • Troubleshooting and Clearing of concepts
  • Landscape and Cityscapes
  • Field Trip

Weekend 5

  • Introduction to post-production
  • Optimal processing of RAW images
  • Color theory (Color Harmonies)
  • Preparing a portfolio

Skills Developed

  •  Operating a DSLR camera
  • Develop a healthy understanding of different technical aspects of camera operation including lenses and how perspective shifts
  • Superior technical skills and an aesthetic eye for high-quality compositions, ability to identify potential images and understanding of factors that lead to making of powerful images
  • An eye for creating moody images using light and shadows
  • Image editing using Adobe Lightroom


All you need is a DSLR camera and abundance of passion and commitment for the next two months. We will help you with the rest.


Admission & Fee

Course NameIntensive Foundation Course in Photography
Duration5 Weekends
Age Group16+
Next Batch Starts InOctober 2020
Batch Size15
Registration Fees (Valid for One Year)Rs 1200/-
Course FeesRs 12000/- + Applicable Service Tax
Admission FormClick here to download
Days & TimingsSaturdays (4-7pm) and Sundays (10-1pm)

Facilities Offered

  • AC classroom with projector and iMac
  • Fully equipped photographic studio with advanced lighting equipments and light shaping tools
  • AC studio space for studio lighting practice
  • Access to campus library and its stock of photobooks, monographs etc.

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