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Entry requirements

Course Name

Intensive Foundation Course in Studio Photography


20 hours
Certificate Course


Basic knowledge of photography

Course Highlights

  • Complete studio gear knowledge across various available brands
  • Access to SACAC studio & equipment
  • Mentoring by well-known industry practitioners

Course overview

Admissions open - Next batch commencing on 6th April 2024 - Contact: 8800444836

Learn to create magic with people as you work with light and intent.

A photograph is essentially the process of capturing light and light is what defines the images, its intent and imbues a mood in the image.
In a unique collaboration with ( names of indusrty partner for this course) this Intensive Foundation Course in studio photography aims to demystify lighting by dissecting its conceptual framework into easy to understand.

Course Overview

As a genre, studio photography can open immense opportunities for photographers. One could opt for diverse streams such as fashion photography, lifestyle photography, wedding photography, senior photography, corporate photography and much more.

Course Structure

This 20 hours intensive course is designed for photographers who are already familiar with essential camera-work and have the desire to take their studio photography skills to the next level.Our two weekend course will have four power packed hands-on session to help you master below mentioned skills:

  • Learn to light a portrait using just one light and one modifier
  • Work with more complex-two and three light set-ups
  • Creating light for portraits & full length images
  • Creating low and high key effects
  • How to balance background & foreground exposures
  • Creating multiple lighting set-ups
  • Learn to do creative lighting set-ups
  • Confidently purchase the right lighting equipment for your work


Session 1

  • Available light Vs Studio Light
  • Sync-Speed and its effectiveness
  • Types of studio lights (digital, analog & continuous)
  • Overview of Studio light (detailed explanation of display panel)
  • Understanding light shaping tools
  • One point light set up

Session 2

  • Two point light set up
  • One point set up with reflector and Rim light
  • Two point set up with Rim light
  • Creative lighting techniques- High Key & Low Key
  • Fundamentals of posing (to be able to guide your model/subject) 5 Hours hands-on session(SETTING UP LIGHT AND USE OF LIGHT SHAPING TOOLS- II)

Session 3

  • Using background lights
  • Three point light set up
  • Creating clean white backgrounds
  • Using gobos and beauty dish
  • Coloured gels
  • Light painting in studio
  • 5 Hours hands-on session (CHOOSING THE RIGHT SETUP IN STUDIO-III)

Session 4

  • Practice of three point light set up with professional model
  • Insight into makeup & hair-styling from photographer’s point of view
  • 5 Hours hands-on session (SHOOT WITH PROFESSIONAL TEAM)

Mentor's Profile

Idris Ahmed

An executive director & publisher of the photography magazine – FRAME, he also runs PhotoCommune, a collective of photography enthusiasts. Idris started out as a photography instructor. With his curiosity and passion to capture the delicate moments of human life and the wonders of nature, he went on a detour to Spiti Valley, an enchanted valley in Himachal Pradesh. It was during this trip his relationship with Photography became sacrosanct and inspired him to become a freelance photographer.

To date, Idris has shot for many renowned organizations, domestically like VIVO India, MBL Infrastructure, Wildlife Trust of India, and CK Birla Group, and internationally like SABMiller Breweries, Fresenius Kabi, Taisei Corporation (Japan), and Dorling Kindersley (London), to name a few. His work includes working solo, in a studio set up with his team, and on snow-covered mountains of the Himalayas.

His oeuvre has been published in Forbes India, National Geographic Magazine, Outlook Travel Guide, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Sunday Guardian, and many more. Exhibiting his work since 2010, he has traveled the world and has also received recognition from News Channels like NDTV, brands like Vivo, and in group exhibitions held from Northern India to South.Through various workshops and expeditions, Idris aims to inspire more and more young photographers to enter the world of lenses and aesthetics. He is a faculty at SACAC and has taught in other institutions like the Institute of Film & Television and the College of Media & Communication, in the past. Reimagining the world through his viewfinder, today Idris continues documenting his sojourns.

Admissions & Fee

Course Name Intensive Foundation Course in Studio Photography
Duration 2 Weekends
Age Group/Criteria 16+
Next Batch Starts In 6th April 2024
Batch Size 10
Registration Fee (Valid for One Year) Rs1200/-
Course Fees Rs 12,000/- + Applicable Service Tax
Admission Form Click here to download or Apply Online
Days & Timings Saturdays (1 PM – 6 pm) & Sundays (1 PM – 6 pm)

Facilities Offered

  • AV equiped classroom
  • Access to the campus library and its stock of photobooks, monographs, etc.
  • Photography studio (two extra days for parctice)
  • Necessary photography equipment like lights, softbox, backdrop set, lenses, D octa reflector, and much more.
  • Access to campus lawns for outdoor photography
  • Upcoming models and Makeup Artists for Portraiture
  • Mentorship for making a professional portfolio
  • Certificate on course completion.


  • Basic knowledge of photography
  • All aspirants must own a DSLR camera, a personal leptop and a tethering cable.

With abundance of passion and commitment, anyone can participate in this course, we will help you with the rest!

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