Aadon Lepcha (2014)

My year at SACAC, and the internship, played a pivotal role in shaping me into what I am today. It gave me the confidence to push forward, the desire to expand my knowledge, and instilled in me, a work ethic that has served me well. Since SACAC, I established a music production facility in my hometown in North Bengal, completed grade exams in western classical music, and acquired a diploma in it. It was Sacac that initiated me into the field of western classical music which has proven to be of immeasurable value in my career so far. I work as a session player for various studios. I perform regularly with my band Helium Heart and every now and then I get invited as a tutor/mentor for workshops on music. I now plan on launching a music school by next year if things return to normal and all goes well. I still have a long way to go, I owe it to SACAC, my teachers, and mentors for helping me make it thus far and I am certain all the wisdom they have imparted will surely help me along my journey.

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