Akanksha Gupta (CDC, 2016-2017)

I think this course introduces you to cinema in a way that you're not really used to seeing. You start looking at things in a very nuanced way. This is perhaps always there in your experience as a person but it's not there in your experience as an expression. The course doesn’t tell you what to do but allows you to translate what you feel instinctively or otherwise as a person, into what you can also create. So for me that was something interesting….not approaching something from the outside all the time. And not looking at cinema as something that is “within a box” but to create your own definitions of it.

It's very difficult to do this, to create your own definitions because it means going back to yourself all the time. So more than cinema, this course is actually about you and the sooner you come to terms or start understanding yourself, the sooner cinema happens to you. So that's what I liked about this course.

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