Akshai Biloniya (August 2016-17)

Professionally and personally, things changed a lot for me at SACAC. I was working as a producer in a studio before SACAC, but without a vision. Here, before creating something, I learnt to listen properly. For that, you need mentors like Chayan, Krishna, Ujjwal, Anindo Bose, Abhishek Mathur and above all, Gaurav Chintamani. I got what was missing in me from their teachings.

The way I produce music changed. Now, I am able to think and implement what's in my head. My brain never lets me and my client down. All thanks to my mentors at SACAC.

SACAC is more than just an sound engineering college. It felt like a new home in a strange city. All those workshops from different people from different countries added their bits and shaped my personality. I came out as an improved person in the end - confident, more productive, creative, and balanced.

At present, I work with a YouTube channel called Rewirs. A recent video just touched a mark of 140k views. Another project I am working on is a YouTube animated series 'Oye Lovely', soon to be launched. As a music producer, I produced a Bollywood track for Javed Ali called ' Hum Tere Hi Ho Jayege'.

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