Amartya Ghosh (Apr 2018-19)

I know I have a lot more to learn as an artist and as a creator but looking back, I realize that every decision has been about finding and adjusting my own identity as a person and as a musician. I started writing music in order to be able to express myself and I was drawn towards recording because it allowed me to document that expression. In our sound engineering and music production course, Gaurav Sir always told us that what we ultimately have to offer is our tastes, the technical skills we possess is just our vocabulary. I think my path up to this point has been about finding this identity , this taste and I have been extremely lucky to find the support that I need in this pursuit from my family, my peers and my mentors.

I now work as a freelance composer and music producer. I've been lucky enough to write and produce music for some brilliant projects and films. I've also been writing and producing my own music. Recently I had the amazing opportunity to work with my teacher and mentor Gaurav Chintamani on a podcast for Sikhya Entertainment and Audible. I recorded, edited and sound designed episodes for this podcast.

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