Ansh Ranvir Vohra (CDC, 2013-2014)

What makes this course very different is that we are not following a very linear structure. So right when we began we were thrust into a project, and we were made to unlearn what we had already learnt. All of us come from different conditioning and a different idea of what a documentary is supposed to be. The time in the course has been dedicated to trying to break that definition and create our own definitions of what a documentary is and should be. The faculty has been really, really nice. They keep coming up with new challenges to put us through, but they’ve also been guiding us through those challenges, helping us whenever we got stuck. Apart from academicians, we have had a lot of practicing filmmakers come and give us workshops, very practical workshops. It’s almost like learning on a film…like learning on the job. It’s not just textbook knowledge… it’s never been that, right from the beginning.

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