Anuradha Bansal (CDC, 2016-2017)

I came to the course with absolutely zero knowledge about films. The only thing that I got with me was my love for films. Almost every possible skill that I have acquired is through the course. The best part is how it has been structured because very subtly it just gets inside your skin.

First of all, the class size is small. The teachers, the internal faculty are intimately related to you and every piece of work that you're doing. The course is intensive. It is quite a lot of hard work but at the end of the day, after one and half years...I don't just shapes you.

It's a great thing that you learn all the skillsets related to making a film. You can tackle a project independently, and this gives you a lot of confidence in terms of camera, editing, scripting, direction and sound work. The course is holistic not just in terms of skills, but conceptually as well, which is very important. It has really given me everything that I need to start with my journey of Image and Sound.

I know I can rest. I know I can take a pause whenever I want because now looking at certain things is not a waste of time. You are watching, you are observing, it's not even work but it is something that you are adding onto yourself. It's the value of that experience, and that's a beautiful thing.

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