Aparna Bansal (CDC, 2016-2017)

When I joined the course, I was very new to all this. The idea of films that I had was limited to the mainstream. I didn't know I could do so much with cinema. So in that sense I learnt a lot, starting from the very basics to making one’s own film…I think that’s quite amazing.

The way the course was structured and the way we learnt one thing after another, all that has made me the person I am today. When I look at something or talk to someone, this learning influences everything. It is very nice and very important to have someone mentor you in this process. For instance, when we're editing, often we are so familiar with the material that we can't look at it anymore...we can't think after a point. So then when someone is telling you that maybe you can look at it like this or that…how about thinking of something completely different, I think that really helps in terms of making the final film.

The kind of cinema that I was exposed to was mainstream Bollywood or Hollywood films. Documentaries meant only propaganda films with the voice of god narratives, only to give you some information. I came to the course because I really enjoyed the process of making a film but I didn't think that I could use it as an expression. Now I realize that just the way you write something…whatever you feel like writing, making documentaries is also like that. It’s a kind of visual writing in that sense.

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