Apoorva Sikka

The Journey so far: The very first experience I had just after my SACAC course was an eye-opener. The amount of time I spent at work and how hard I had to work made me appreciate the time and effort I had put in at SACAC. Everything I had learned about my course was important, but most importantly I used my ability to work hard. After my Internship, it was easy for me to shift to events. The Advertising and PR course built in me the importance of COMMUNICATION. Everything in life was about communication and effective one. Planning and execution of events were all about good communication. I capitalized on what I had learned at SACAC to make a lateral shift. Continuing the streak from Events when I got an opportunity to shift to Journalism, it was not difficult for me at all since I already had the sensibility of good communication. At SACAC the emphasis during the course was on communication. Brand-specific and PR specific. Now I am at India Today and I learned a lot during that time and found my calling in Journalism. All the practical skills gained with experience and added to that the values of communication learned at SACAC gave me a cutting edge over my role as a Journalist. I was able to crack a journalism position without doing a journalism course. Even during events management, brand management during events, and brand content without doing an Events specialization. The faculty particularly comes from the industry bringing with them rich experience and practical learning. Because of which it is easy for us to bridge the distance between classroom learning and internship in the office. Inspired by SACAC: I discovered myself, on my spiritual journey as we went along the year at SACAC. Life at SACAC for me was never about academics. The Institute inspires you to give your best for life. The value system of hard work and deep knowledge is now a part of my life.