Archit Agrawal (Apr 2017-18)

SACAC is the best thing that happened to me. My life and identity absolutely changed post SACAC. The projects in the one year of SACAC gave me so much confidence.

I got a chance to record some known Bands and musicians in the country like Parvaaz, Faridkot, Rahul Ram, Sonam Sherpa among others. The sound engineering course helped me grow as a musician. People saw me as a resource who could help them with Sound in gigs and also who could mix the audio recordings of the gigs. I freelance too.

Without SACAC it wouldn't have been possible. Apart from working in the studio, I played over 100 shows last year. I feel people hired me to play bass because of the fact that i am an audio engineer, I am also continuously working on my own albums. After SACAC, till the pandemic hit, I spent pretty much everyday recording , mixing, producing or playing. I can proudly say that SACAC gave me an Identity.

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