Arun Kumar Pandey

In 2018, when I applied for the music production course at SACAC, I never thought of producing other artists. I fell in love with the vibe at SACAC. It felt like home.

Our mentor Abishek Sir cleared all my doubts on the fundamentals of music theory and production at the beginning of the course. There were interesting, challenging projects that pushed me into uncomfortable zones within me and it was slowly unlocking my creativity.

The workshops by world class professionals were a bit overwhelming initially. The campus has a spiritual aroma and I found everyone happy and helpful. Infrastructure at SACAC is great and accessible.

I also learned how to work with a deadline, deal with clients, and most importantly, learn not just the technicality of recording and producing but the artistic side of it as well.

Currently, I am recording and producing for artists in Sikkim, and have released my first single.

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