Debankon Singh Solanky (CDC, 2018-2019)

The course here at CDC was eighteen months and it was very intense in a way that we got into film and the amount we learned in eighteen months. It was nonstop and it was a lot of learning - it taught me much beyond cinema. It taught me more about life and how I look at myself, how I look at my surroundings. The diploma film was a great experience in terms of understanding from the beginning of the process- of what it is that I am actually interested in, to figuring that out, and then how do I say it. So what is my voice and how do I put it in a film? The understanding of what makes a film and what it is that brings you in to the film, and how do you start to express that through this medium of cinema.

This was something that CDC started for me as a journey- that realisation. And then it gave me all the tools to bring together and take this forward. Every day was thought about, every minute was thought about. About what we would be thinking, doing, responding. I think it was very well structured and it gave me an education for the first time.

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