Dilpreet Shah

As an undergraduate in engineering, I was very determined to follow a path where my true passion lies, i.e Graphic Designing. Hence, it was very important for me to choose the right institute and I am so happy that I choose SACAC. My journey here has been amazing. I joined SACAC because of their strong emphasis on the fundamentals of design and not just the software. This course has helped me enhance my skills manyfold and I am going with so much learning. Now I am able to distinguish between a good design and a bad design, I can articulate my ideas visually and have also learnt to approach design in different ways. Despite being an online course, the learning was never hampered. It was a very well-planned and well-structured graphic design course with adequate time given to each module. The faculties here are highly qualified and are always there to help. The most important thing I am taking back from this course is that no design is a perfect design and there never will be. There’s always a scope for improvement. SACAC has been a great contributor towards the artistic development of my personality and I will be forever grateful.