Eesha Singh

My journey so far: From being a confused child all the way to being strong, confident and hard-working, all are values that got developed at SACAC. I came in not knowing whether I was a follower or a leader. Today I stand tall, with my role at IKEA makes me proud. I was an auditor before I joined SACAC for the Advertising and PR course. My key reason to join was to make Communication my area of work as I had realised my inclination towards it. My first job post the course was 2.5 years long and taught me the value of my knowledge and how to practically apply it. Starting off with Digital marketing and simultaneously working on my start up; I learnt the ropes on the job. It helped me to further foray into a business development role at IKEA. Today I am a proud Alum of SACAC. Inspired by SACAC: The people at SACAC offer valuable guidance at the right time. It helps you channelize your thoughts and energies very well. Learning at SACAC is also about practical application that goes a long way during internship and work.