Grace Mary Sukanya (CDC, 2018-2019)

CDC is a great course because it is quite rigorous and thorough. They make you think through every single decision that you make- both the technical decisions as well as the creative decisions. One of its greatest strengths is the mentoring process. So with each film project that you do, you get a lot of mentoring and handholding throughout it all. It helps you to also learn and really internalise this idea of being very thorough and being very clear about why you are doing certain things. You start thinking through your own decisions, thinking through your instincts, and unlearning a lot of stuff that you have imbibed from elsewhere. So I think that the mentoring process really teaches you a lot.

One of the things, which I used to personally be confused about earlier is this idea of form and what does it mean, and how you come up with a form for a film? I think what they have taught me is that the idea, that the form must come from the content. And so they don’t really restrict you in terms of what you can do or what you can’t do. They train you to think very deeply about why is it that you are doing certain things. And the fact that they focus so much on research- before the film, during the film, during the edit, I think that it is a pretty great course to learn all of these things about filmmaking.

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