Harsh Vishnoi

Looking back at what I wanted in life before SACAC, and comparing it to what I have today, it’s clear this institution has helped me throughly to gather a vast array of skillset, useful for every musician in this age for bringing their art to life.

Apart from focusing on every detail of sound production in its entirety, basic recording tools and the right use of equipments to the perception of one’s final product, SACAC also helped educating me the ethical and professional music business, dealing with real life scenarios, timelines and artistic production without affecting my inner peace or ideas which lead to the creation of my art form. The faculty at SACAC proves to be one of the best in the country.
Post SACAC, with adequate knowledge and a skillset so powerful and imperative, I managed to open a Studio and jampad in Delhi called Freebird Studios, one of the best professional and creative ventures of my life. By July 2020, I established my electronic music project under the alias Shrink, and released a few singles on all major platforms for streaming or downloads.

Definitely, SACAC's sound engineering course has helped me reach where I am today, professionally and creatively.

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