Ishaan Tyagi (Oct 2018-19)

I had a very limited approach to music and to other art forms before SACAC. SACAC really helped me bring out the appreciation for all forms of art in a very positive way with activities like the photowalk, making meaning and more.

Along with that, a sense of building professional relations with people you interact with -- like musicians, engineers, producers, filmmakers -- was also something that was administered very strongly throughout our course. I always admired the professionalism of our faculty and administration.

Little things like being on time, completing assigned work to the best of your capabilities and within the time frame, playing well with others, always keeping the learning cycle going etc. says much more about you than your work. and these have been some of the most important takeaways from my time at SACAC. SACAC helped me bring out the best of me and use that to make my career and life a little better than what it would've been.

Post SACAC's sound engineering course, I moved to Mumbai and assisted some well-known composers and music producers. I also work as a performing artist with some of the Indie acts around and did some notable gigs in the country.

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