Lasse Bredsten

It has been very exciting for me to be part of this course because we have been learning about so many different disciplines of photography. I had no idea that these various genres of photography even existed. We have been working inside the studio, on the streets doing photo journalism and documentary work. Basically, we have been doing so many different things. It's not like a photo pose where you just lean back on the sofa and enjoy it. You really have to work hard in order to make the result that you want. During this photography course we were in Pondicherry where round the clock working on a photo project. It was great to be pulled out of the everyday context of our everyday lives in Delhi and just live, sleep, eat and breathe photography around the clock for almost two weeks. And just on that trip alone I learned so much. Somehow it was here that all the elements that we had learnt up to the point came together. For me, it was one of the most exciting things of the course at SACAC.

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