Mallika Chawla

My decision to pursue the graphic design course came after I decided to switch my career from law to design. Having completed the course, I'm happy to say that my experience has been fantastic! This course was well planned, the projects were thoughtful and challenging and the atmosphere was perfect to encourage creative thinking. The highlight for me was learning brand identity with Hridayshri who is not only an expert in her area but also a brilliant teacher. While studying design on campus was always fun, I appreciate that when the need arose, the course quickly adapted to remote learning and kept up the standard of teaching. As part of the conclusion of the graphic design course, we got the opportunity to present our work to a jury of renowned designers and received their feedback. Experiences such as these have helped me grow as a designer. Connecting with other students and faculty members who have shared passions kept me motivated to continue learning. My time at SACAC has helped me go from a novice designer to one with a strong knowledge of fundamentals and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their skill in this area.