Manish Sharma

The biggest learning that I take away from SACAC besides the image making and everything that surrounds it is probably something more personal. I am a serious person and an introvert. I am also very career minded and I have tried everything from engineering to medical to being a geologist and ended up studying English literature and now I am into photography. I am shy by nature and I don't talk to people much, but when I picked up the camera this problem started to fade and I have been able to communicate more easily. I think I have developed a lot in that sense. The camera has made it easier for me to communicate. For me it is a tool that helps me navigate and reach out to people. Having studied at SACAC, I realise that photography is much more to me than just making pictures. Also, creativity is best nurtured when you are motivated and inspired and the faculty at SACAC does exactly that. Each faculty member helps us in various ways throughout the diploma in photography course. They push us out of our comfort zone and sometimes give us deadlines that are not realistic. But all of this helps to prepare us for the real, professional world outside. Each faculty here is a practising artist which means that we are constantly aware of what is happening out there in the world of photography. And this has inspired me a lot.

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