Megha Acharya (CDC, 2018-2019)

SACAC has personally been a very enriching experience for me. I think not just in terms of filmmaking but also on a larger level. The filmmaking course makes you question a lot of things- the people around you, the world, politics and even yourself- as to where you stand. For me, the journey has also been very interesting because there was really rigorous mentoring at different stages. So it involved a lot of discussions, and not just of your work but the work of your peers as well. Because when you are at this stage, you learn from everybody’s mistakes. So I think that it was very useful. Even as an atmosphere, SACAC is quite peaceful and it is friendly including the administration.

Sameera and Ruchika, as mentors, especially in the diploma film stage have been wonderful. What I have learnt during the journey of 6 months of my diploma film, I think it is equivalent to a great amount of my lifetime. They gave me a lot of movies to watch, books to read, and I think they have just pushed me, throughout these six months, to hone myself and to hone my skills. And when you do that, it is not just about becoming better in your skills. I think you also become stronger with your intention behind each decision of yours. So if you have taken an image, you question why you have taken that image, why you have chosen a particular image size. I think these are the discussions that are quite rare. I have never experienced such discussions around filmmaking previously. So I think, all in all, CDC and SACAC have been a wonderful experience.