Neelansh Mittra (CDC, 2018-2019)

My time at CDC has been the most fulfilling experience of my life. Sameera Jain, our course director, has put immense thought into structuring this course and has held our hands and shown us a beautiful and meaningful way to engage with the reality that surrounds us. A big part of that has been the individual mentoring. We are a small class and each of us has been given careful and thorough attention through the entire course, which has been really important to discover our relationship with film. The film and the course has been a journey of us coming closer to ourselves, understanding our histories, understanding our conditioning, what has shaped us to be the people that we are, and questioning that. And also arriving at a more real place, which requires a lot of hard work. The thing is you want to work hard and get it right. And if you do, then that is a very gratifying feeling. Essentially the course, the film, has been this constant experience of building your relationship with your craft and how that brings meaning to your life.

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