Nishant Nishit

Keep Walking By Nishant Nishit

Wake up.
Splash water on those puffy eyes.
Your journey has begun.
Start walking.
Walk on a path of purpose.
Get dressed, suit up, Get out in the world.
It is sunny today.
It will rain, lightning and thunderstorms await.
Some nights will be cold, some hard to breathe.
You will choke.
Numb hands, sore toes will hurt, you will bleed.
It is a thorny path, but walk.
And you walk
Fear will pounce, show courage.
Beat crippling dishonesty with truth.
Wreaking failures are stepping stones.
Insecurities will swarm you.
Burn them down, they are the enemy.
With a broken heart and a crushed soul,
Keep walking!
Meet strangers, lose friends, make enemies, win, lose, feast, starve, keep on walking.
Stumble, fall flat on your face, get up, brush the dirt away and walk.
Look back, catch your breath, measure how far you have arrived, breathe in breathe out, keep walking.
You are a man with a purpose.
That’s all it is to life.
It is the journey that matters.
Keep walking!

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