Nitesh Tripathi

Most of my batchmates, I did not sign up for AD & PR course at SACAC immediately after my graduation?there was a gap of almost six years. When others in my batch were about to start their career, I was already three jobs old.
For me, joining SACAC was a leap of faith. Afraid and uncertain at the beginning, I slowly gained confidence. SACAC sharpened me for challenges in the advertising world.
After some days, this gap did not matter. The faculty at SACAC ensured that I learnt quickly. There are some who believe that on-the-job training is undoubtedly better than classroom knowledge, but the faculty at SACAC taught me the best of both.
I worked on real briefs and solved business problems of big brands whose ads I have been watching for years. All this, from Advertising and PR course at SACAC. And I am grateful for this experience that landed me a job in one of the best ad agencies in the world.