Pallavi Mukherjee

My Butterscotch Fluff
By Pallavi Mukherjee

We brought him home when he was just a few months old. He felt like a soft, small butterscotch fluff. He had tiny paws that did nothing to hold his body’s weight, satin black ears, two symmetrical moles on his cheeks, a stubby little nose, and big, doleful eyes that stirred your heart and soul with both love and fear.

Now he has grown up into big proud pug with an off-white chest and a pink belly awaiting a belly rub. However, you must know, that within that size of 2 by 1 feet of fluff, are three major tickling spots. One is on his right thigh which if you touch, it begins to twitch uncontrollably. The second is between paws of his hind legs which results in a creepy smile. The third is somewhere near his sensitive nose which if anyone ever dares to touch without getting their hands gobbled up, gets sneezed on. You certainly do not want to be the recipient of that sneeze as it comes with flash of mucus, phlegm and more.

His bedroom is in my room. It is a sky blue colour that matches with his meal bowl, mug and bed with pug prints. It also has a midnight blue pillow and a star-filled cozy blanket. Every night, while making his little bed, I tell him a bedtime story and he drifts off to sleep, but then every morning I find him curled snuggly and snoring next to me on my bed.

Tomtom is no ordinary pet. He is the only man living in the building who from nine in the morning to eight in the night protects everyone from any danger that might behold us. Size doesn’t matter when you are a man of yelps, have a heart of a lion and instinct of a warrior.

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