Piyush Sachdeva (Aug 2016-17)

I was a guitar player before joining SACAC. There is definitely a lot of change in me after my time at SACAC. I'm not just a guitar player anymore. I have quit teaching all together, I play with fewer but better paying bands now. But most importantly, now that I'm able to produce music, I have been making songs for a few singers and I make music for a few agencies every now and then. Since people know me as a guitar player and that I have a basic recording setup at home, I also record my guitar parts and send it to them for their songs.

Talking about personal growth, I manage my time better. I don't waste as much time as I used to since there's so much to do in a day in terms of practicing my primary instrument - the guitar, keys, production chops, mixing and finally working on a project.

Recently, I worked on music for an ad campaign for Rail Yarti, four ads for DolbyMusic, and an ad for Bajaj Dominor. I also recorded guitars for many songs. Currently, I am working on an album for my band Autoplay.

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