Purandhya Sharma (CDC, 2018-2019)

I have always wanted to make films and I was looking for a good place to learn filmmaking. So I feel fortunate to come here at SACAC, especially because of the ideology that it carries. And I think it has only taken me forward, after being in an academic space for five years. I didn’t know much about documentaries before, to be honest. But here, they constantly emphasise the fact and make you realise that there is a thin line between fiction and nonfiction. And how documentary is also a good place to learn fiction.

I have also realised that the idea for why I want to make films, has evolved being here. Before, it was that film has a larger audience- if you want to reach out to people. But here, the course began with this idea of what is your voice or finding your own voice. I think it sounded funny then but actually you do sort of learn not just about filmmaking, but you learn about yourself. The way you look at things changes. It is not about the technicalities. Anyone can hold a camera. But now, I think this is probably true for all my peers, you would have to think a lot before taking a shot. And I think about the saying- about how you learn about someone by how they film something.

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