Ritika Garkoti

My journey so far: It’s funny how life works. I remember coming to SACAC’s campus the first time to assist a friend with an assignment- lush green serenity bustling with creativity - I instantly fell in love.

Two years later, I was sitting in its classrooms, this time as a student of Advertising and Public Relations. Having worked in the industry for about a year and a half, I wasn’t so sure of what the course would entail in fostering my professional growth. But I must say, SACAC exceeded my expectations. The curriculum is meticulously designed to equip the students with a holistic knowledge of the industry. Students get the opportunity to understand the nuances of the industry through the experiences of some of the most brilliant minds in the field, the faculty.

The rigorous curriculum with weekly assignments does not just build you up for the real world but also teaches you valuable lessons in teamwork, collaboration, and friendship. Nestled in the midst of a city that never stops, the institute nurtures you beyond the curriculum to be professionals with integrity in the corporate world. I have been working with Adfactors PR, India’s largest PR firm, for a year now and the teachings I took away from SACAC have been instrumental in paving my journey. For the knowledge, the values, and for the kindest souls that I call friends - I will forever be grateful to SACAC.