Siddhartha Pratim Ghosh

My time at SACAC, the weekends, was the most beautiful in my mundane routine! Everything about the day of my class would bring me positive vibes, the sun-kissed gardens of the campus, the bustle around the canteen, students soaking in the sun in the amphitheatre and the studio itself.

Most days I would find myself sitting in the studio 15 - 20 mins before the class started, just fiddling with the software and midi. The best part was I never felt like I didn't belong there, I would go there sometime even when my classes were off, for projects and to complete assignments and I was always welcome. We could use the studio and hardware whenever we needed (with prior permission of course).

SACAC made sure we got hands-on experience and familiarity with everything we needed before we could ourselves invest on them.

Our teacher, Abhishek Mathur Sir, was the most humble and genuine personality I have ever come across. He taught us to see things, rather hear, from a whole new perspective. The effort he took on each of us, the time he invested to show us the nooks and cranny of different concepts and plugins was something very few people do.

After the completion of my music production course, I started producing my own tracks. I have been working on a few covers and I upload it to YouTube. Apart from that, I am on a journey to find my own sound and style.

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