Sumedha Grover

Rather than becoming a self-taught photographer, I decided to enrol for the professional photography course at SACAC. I had no prior knowledge about this art form and wanted to go through a structured course to understand this medium better. Before I joined, a good photograph to me meant that of a landscape, of flowers and birds and a clear blue sky. In addition to honing my technical skills, my understanding now of what a good image is has drastically changed. I have been able to develop a language of my own that is unique. I have realised that it's very important to develop one?s own visual aesthetics and keep working on it. We were told innumerable times that everything has been photographed and that can also be a source of inspiration. However, what we bring to it, our own life experiences, our own aesthetics, that is what will make the work unique. The photography course has pushed me to think as to what I wish to achieve out of my photography? I have for quite some time, been driven to make photographs, but to convey what? I find myself always questioning my motive.

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