Vaibhav Ahuja (April 2016-17)

I’ve been a full-time musician even before joining SACAC. After the course, after learning about the very essence of sound, my perception towards music completely changed. Earlier, I was more focused on either the groove, the progression or the melody but now I'm more concerned with the sound design and modulations. SACAC taught me how to express my musical ideas in a better form and the value of time. SACAC made me one step closer to my dream of releasing my own music.

My mentors at SACAC helped me articulate my thoughts and ideas. Gaurav made me perceive music in a way I never did, I started hearing the 'sound' aspect in music which opened a new horizon! This sound engineering college gave me vision and confidence to be able to make music all by myself.

Since SACAC, I’ve produced tracks for my own bands Submarine in Space and Raagleela, produced/arranged music for many singer-songwriters, recorded/played drums for ample artists, and worked on sound design for a regional webseries.

Recently, I designed my own studio and have been focusing on my own solo project, writing music as I find inspiration.

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