Vansh Virmani

I didn't know that this course could teach me something that was beyond photography. That it would expose me to literature, cinema, painting and perhaps all sorts of art. I initially had lots of hesitations about going out in the street and talking to people but through a lot of street photography assignments and a lot of documentary assignments, I see myself as a more confident human being who can approach anyone on the streets and talk to them. I feel this photography diploma course is a perfect combination where one learns technical skills and aesthetics that comes with a creative vision which eventually become your own style. During the photojournalism workshop, we all worked as a team and compiled our work together and made a magazine. Working on the magazine exposed us to photo editing, the relevance of text and how magazines are laid out. We visited innumerable photo exhibitions where each artist walked us through their works and we realised how each artist?s experience is unique. This was very inspiring. I also got to know, that I could further develop my skills and become a photo editor, a curator or a photo archivist.

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